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91 feet left


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I have been constructing a long and narrow artwork.  It is so long that I can only work on 3ft. sections at a time with some image overlap between sections. The results are a perfect random wallpaper or a super textile – the work tells the story of graphic pattern and image repeat. Very much a memoir charting the graphic attention span of a ‘creative’. The work is intermittent – not a focus of daily practice although in so many ways this project is suited to a regiment of daily practice it is beyond me.

The paper I am using is re-purposed. A Texas Instruments product: a scroll of graph paper to chart heartbeat or maybe cheating if used in a lie detector. Several times in the past year I have watched my Mother’s irregular and halting heartbeat scroll across the ER monitors. It simultaneously supports a knowing and an unraveling that hypnotizes the loved one on call.

The title of this piece, a roll 11″ wide is taken from the margins of the paper which reports  at the end which is my beginning: 91 feet left

91ft7 91ft11


91ft2 91ft6 91ft9 91ft10 91ft4

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