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Questions that I frequently grapple with are ones that look at the moments where performance and privacy intersect. While I believe in sharing widely and absolutely love the potential of larger digital conversations and virtual worlds I repeatedly get stuck with habits of over-sharing and prompts imploring  me to click & share.

Although I love dance and do dance, I hesitate before agreeing to go public and hesitate while considering comforts and privacy prior to facilitating a larger dance to be shared online that includes others. Concealment becomes a necessary and essential consideration when respecting privacy.  In this dance, I edit exposure to include hands only. This narrowing of persona allows me to be in control of what feels like none of your darn business.

For dance anywhere, March 22 at noon Gesture narrows the motions of dance to hands alone captured in still and moving images. Participation is welcome. Bring your hands! Location: Berkeley Art Center.

handsdoing handsdoing2

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