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AY Community Mural

Working with students in a series of printmaking workshops Teaching Artist, Susan Wolf asked a series of questions to define community and to develop imagery to be used for 10 mural panels being designed for Anna Yates Elementary School. This blog begins by asking students ‘ What is community?’ followed by the steps of the student printed design process and the resulting mural fabrication and installation.

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One Syllable Word Project

A project generating written word, spoken word and visual artifacts inspired by pages of a curious spiral bound text cataloguing one syllable words from 1969. One Syllable Words by Henry Moser, Director of Speech and Learning Clinic, Ohio State University consists of 224 pages of nearly 14,000 one-syllable words. The words are arranged and categorized in charts. Viewing a page is like reading a map, or deciphering a code. It encourages free association, sparking memories or spinning new connections.

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Re Purpose Postal Relay Boxes for Emergency Supplies

Postal relay boxes are iconic. Their sturdy retro shape is an accepted component of our urban landscape. I was saddened the day a relay box was removed from the corner in front of my home. Surprised to later observe clusters of postal relay boxes found sitting unused, parked in lots, effectively mothballed. I have documented several of these lots locally, each holding a mix of blue curbside collection boxes and drab green relay boxes for over several years now. Their numbers keep growing…

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Teaching Artist

Teaching Artists, artist / educators, community artists are professional artists who teach and integrate their art form, perspectives, and skills into a wide range of settings. Teaching Artists work with schools, after school programs, community agencies, prisons, jails, and social service agencies.The Arts In Education movement grew from the work of Teaching Artists in schools.

As a teaching artist I have always documented the doing – with still images, moving action and interviews making learning visible while reconsidering what it is I want students to understand. As a result I know how to format and edit a narrative and find myself able to effectively navigate social media tools and platforms supporting collaborative learning networks and advocacy. I understand the vantage points of artist, teaching artist, classroom teacher and the greater network that can be formed when providing efficient communication.

As an arts coach for integrated arts learning I frequently am asked to make connections between classroom curriculum and the practice of visual and performing artists. Providing links between subject and a bigger pool of creative sparks for deeper learning.

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