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Readymade with Movement

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I first saw bags of this sort being used at a construction site. Several dozen lined up street side were filled with a variety of landscaping materials. One day they started to be moved. Their handles were caught and carried by the arms of a forklift in an impressive industrial dance. Once emptied they were thrown into debris bins. I enlisted a friend to reclaim them for me to further experiment with. I utilized some in my garden for temporary screening and documented them in various ways which only increased my interest in them as compelling objects. I have since located the manufacturer and distributor of them – conveniently located in Sacramento. They are called bulk bags. They are also frequently used to transport legumes, grains and other bulk foodstuffs. In 2011 I purchased a dozen of them to be used multiple times in various site specific performances.

Dimensions: 36”x36”x60”. Portal diameter 26”. Material is loaded through a top gusseted portal and later emptied from the bottom. The top portal is large enough for an average sized adult to step into and pull up overhead while extending feet out through the bottom opening. Used on a rainy day they become a convenient temporary shelter. Similar to a burka they shroud the wearer and obscure their identity. I find the internal experience freeing and… mystical in ways I am still grappling with. Documenting the wearing from the exterior exposes a perfect paradox which I am entirely suited to: being seen without being known.

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