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There are many types of meetings. I realize that I am lucky that almost every meeting I attend with artists and educators introduces a creative prompt, some thinking framework or mapping of ideas. Last month there was a flurry of good ones that I wanted to share.

At a department meeting number of us were asked to identify with these categories: Prisoner, Vacationer, Sophisticate or Explorer. I could not make any meaningful connections to these categories. I felt captive to the ideas of order and roles created by someone I did not agree with. I pushed back and took the liberty to sketch and alternative reality:

Cosmic Disturbance, Recursive, Box or Portal? These metaphors fit. They work for me and I believe others who do not feel represented by the proposed categories that held judgements.

It is important to test out your schema with demographics other than the ones you identify with.

In another meeting we used metaphor to enhance our understanding. Items were placed on the table below the surface of the paper. Rubbings were made using graphite and crayon to reveal what is just below the surface. This page became the surface that held my notes.


Attending a Healing Informed Workshop there were several art making prompts. Blind contour portraits, writing and mapping energy. There were 2 phases to this drawing and mapping prompt. The second, top layer was drawn on acetate. I really loved how the two images lined up holding all of the magic and energy at the center.


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