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Videos below document site specific performances Static Bundled Readymades with Heritage of Movement

About this project: 

I first saw bags of this sort in 2009. Several dozen were lined up curbside filled with a variety of landscaping materials. After standing static for over a week several onsite forklifts began lifting them and distributing their contents in a fascinating and impressive industrial dance. Scavenging the bags afterwards I made note of their origins and have since purchased ten. These flexible intermediate bulk containers more commonly known as bulky bags each measure 36″ x 36″ x 60″ and can carry a load of 2200 lbs. The bags feature gusseted entry and exit portals for loading and delivering contents and loops at each corner for transport. The top delivery portal has a 26″ diameter. These dimensions allow a person to comfortably enter and inhabit the interior space for a period of time. In these performances I am testing the possibilities of narrative while exploring a range of curious motions in various locations. I am thinking about many things: my personal and public boundaries, my connection to place, and the integrity of my voice.


Heritage of Movement Object E.2

Heritage of Movement. Object B

Heritage of Movement. Object D

Heritage of Movement. Object B

Heritage of Movement. Object E

Heritage of Movement. Object A

Heritage of Movement. Object C

Heritage of Movement. Object B