Self Portrait, yes. Selfie, not so much.

Self Portrait, yes. Selfie, not so much.

About Susan Wolf

I’ve been around the block. Working in theater, as a caregiver, gardener, and teaching artist. For many years I had a flower design business.

I am unprofessional. I did not get an MFA and I have not held down any solo shows. Unprofessional in an irreverent way while simultaneously being very professional.

I love to collaborate. It challenges my thinking and it is why working with educators is so delicious.

As an artist - I am a photographer, performer and printmaker. I am an interdisciplinary mixed media explorer. I am secretly a poet.

I am always looking closely, noticing things just beyond the most obvious.

My biggest inspiration comes from other artists and activists.

Current Art Crush(es):

Suzanne Lacy

Rina Banerjee

Mildred Howard

Instagram: objectplace

Instagram: makermemoir

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