Work: Workshop Facilitation At School and in the Classroom Workshop Facilitation Print – Organize – Protest 2018 Inventing our Future Conference, Oakland CA Co-Facilitator: Brennan Popovic, Printmaker Printmakers have historically connected imagery and powerful text to catalyze social action. How can educators support student leaders with socially engaged art practices to amplify their voice and influence policy? What is Freedom? 2019 Integrated Learning Specialist Program, Alameda CA Co-Facilitators: Juan Manzo and Lindsey Shepard What is Perception? What is Your Selfie Style? 2018 Integrated Learning Specialist Program, Alameda CA Co-Facilitator, Mariah Landers Embodied Racial Justice: Mobilizing White Anti Racist Activism through Movement Metaphor 2018 Inventing our Future Conference, Oakland CA Co-Facilitator: Rebecca Prather By attuning attention to the body’s experiential tracking of dis-ease with racism, one can also hone embodied resolve to intervene in racism as well as harvest strategic practices of anti-racist activism of physical, mental, and emotional agency. The workshop’s container of movement and metaphor will offer an opportunity to create choreographies of courage. All identities and racial affiliations are welcome. The facilitators of this workshop are two white women committed to the lifelong work of racial justice work that imperatively requires that white people strategize and commit to deep anti-racist work. We recognize that the trappings of our skin privilege include blind spots and invite the conversation and critique of how to do this work “better” while recognizing that we must actually start the work in order to grow skills. What Is Your Maker Identity and Why is it Important? 2018 Inventing our Future Conference, Oakland CA Co-Facilitators: Reina Cabezas and Cicely A. Day Culturally responsive making does more that sit on the surface of technology. It asks the maker to thoughtfully curate their materials and to reach backwards to investigate the lineage and heritage of makers in their family and community. Choose from several immersive projects as a foundation your maker identity. More to Making Than a 3D Printer: How making and culture collide. 2017 Project Zero Perspectives: Making Innovating Learning Conf. Pittsburg, PA Co-Facilitator: Cicely A Day This workshop will model habits of Culturally Responsive Teaching to expand upon and disrupt white centric dispositions of maker-empowerment. Participants will experience a story circle in which they will share stories about their personal, familial, and cultural making traditions, deepening their own personal connection and understanding of “making.” Participants will also gain an introduction to Agency by Design’s main idea of Maker Empowerment, and three capacities of looking closely, exploring complexity, & finding opportunity, by viewing an example of Maker Empowerment through Cuba’s Technological Disobedience phenomena, which is an intersection of cultural, political and economic making. Experimenting with Perception, Exploring Arts Based Research 2016 Inventing our Future Conference, Oakland CA Pinhole camera obscura visors, Origami Microscopes, and Virtual Reality viewers, each allow us to see the world from a shifted vantage point. How do contemporary artists play with ideas of perception (and perspective) in their work? How does their curiosity fuel their own learning? Test, explore and question how these scientific tools lead to generative student driven inquiry. Documentation is… 2019 California College of Art, San Francisco, CA Reading a room, asking beautiful questions and making learning visible are key moves for documentation that supports understanding. This workshop is not a lecture but an inquiry that brackets an immersive 30 min. learning segment. We will identify, enact and untangle roles of documentation while modeling best practices. BHS & Brower Center Environmental Art Artful Practice 2016 Cal State East Bay, Hayward CA How does our Art practice inform our Teaching practice? How does a practice of noticing and recording what we notice with words and images help us become better learners? How does student led inquiry build agency and deepen engagement? At School and In the Classroom School Sites 2014-18 Roots International, Oakland. Grades 6-8 2014-18 Alliance Academy, Oakland. Grades 6-8 2008-10 Washington Elementary School, Berkeley. Grades K-3 2008-10 Rosa Parks Elementary School, Berkeley. Grades K-3 2008-12 Kala Art Institute, Artists-in-Schools Lead Teacher 2007-09 Anna Yates Elementary School, Emeryville. Grades K-5 2007-10 Emeryville Rec. Center, Summer, Grades K-8. 2008 Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley, Collaborative Collage Mural 2007-08 Crowden School, Berkeley. Interim Studio Art Instructor, Grades 6-8. As a Teaching Artist / Educator 2014-19 Alameda County Office of Education. Integrated Learning Department Arts Integration Specialist and Creative Coach Faculty, Integrated Learning Specialist Program Program Documentation for School Transformation Through the Arts 2018-19 White Educators for Racial Justice, Co-Facilitator Social Media, Communications and Marketing 2019-20 Agency by Design Oakland Senior Leadership, Fellow 2019 Ashland REACH youth center, Cyanotypes in the Garden workshop. 2016-18 Agency by Design Oakland Fellowship 2010-12 Dance anywhere goes to school. Project liaison and administrator. 2012 KQED SPARK Content Presenter Coach / Mentor 2014-present Faculty, Integrated Learning Specialist Program. 2019 Mentor, Summer Program: Lu Sutton and San Leandro Middle School, Marin, CA 2014-19 School Transformation Through the Arts (STTArts). Roots International Academy and Alliance Academy, Oakland CA 2011-12 Arts Integration Coach, Jefferson Elementary, San Leandro CA 2010-12 Alameda County Arts Learning Leadership Group Facilitator – Southside 2008-10 Senior Teaching Artist, Kala Art Institute, Berkeley CA